Collaboration Station
is all about well, collaboration!

Let’s face it, things go better when we work together, they just do.

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What happens when a brand strategist, a website strategist and a communications strategist get together?

Magic, that’s what!

They make cake, they drink wine and they write a book…

Jane Comben

Brand Strategist

Iona Elwood Smith

Website Strategist

Angela Bensemann

Communications Strategist

We’re Jane, Iona and Angela and individually we know lots about branding, graphic design, developing relationships and trust, communicating well, and building websites. 

We also know that it’s more fun working together, throwing around ideas and coming up with something new.

Our first collaboration is a book for those wanting to create the perfect web content to help propel your business forward. 

Because developing content is a lot like baking a cake, we’ve called it:



The book!

You have written 97 pages of content and forgotten to tell me what your business actually does…

“I just wanted to buy this one thing but after seven minutes on your site I couldn’t find it,” said another customer you just lost.

The perfect recipe for creating awesome web content is the must have guide for business start-ups who are stuck on getting started with their website content. It also helps small businesses looking to refresh their existing websites.

“I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a website but haven’t done so because it seemed too daunting. Your book breaks it down into very manageable steps and has inspired me to start work on the first check list.” Sandy Jones